Er so confused atm

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  • I've learned a lot in construct recently,

    but something that still bothers me is having a character and having the layout change and keeping the character instead of having remaking the character..

    This goes for variables too..

    This is global stuff right??

    I think I'm just tired and cant think right now but I really need help..

  • Everything is global and accessible from any layout you just have to create it on the start of the layout.

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  • Hmm..

    So If I was to make a stat go up in one layout,

    and switch to another layout..

    would It stay the same?

    Im gonna just tinker around with construct and test this.

  • Well there is a big difference between a private variable, and a global.

    If you change a global variable that value will be the new value in other layouts. If you change a private variable that value will revert to its initial setting..... unless you make the object that the private variable belongs to global.

    You see not all objects are necessarily global, but all are usable across all layouts.

    I should mention you will probably need to copy and paste an existing object into another layout in order to use it.

  • Oh alright that makes sense,

    I just found myself copying the character events and stuff over to other layouts and didn't know if that was how I was suppose to do it.

  • There is an option to both include event sheets in other event sheets, and there is also an option to change the event sheet that the layout is using. The event sheet for the layout is under its properties window on the left, and in the event sheet editor you can right click include event sheet

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