epiphany happened last night.

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  • need a team of 3 for this project. most marketable idea ive ever had. a puzzle adventure that starts out with each lvl/dungeon u solve a lvl, destroy enemies, destroy a boss, and gain a token/ statue miniature of cirtain animals, 6 in all, ferret, hawk, wolf, bear, snake, and a fish, see where this is going? end of dungeoun place tokens in their respective places, small cinematic of u morphing into each one, therein after there will be puzzles and monsters that require the right use of a proper combination of animal abilities to defeat.

    putting this idea in the forums on good faith


    vast help with buttons, need buttons to control which character the player is playing(HUD and inventory), basically i just need some things done that i can not yet do myself, things that would prevent me from even developing a prototypish game of this structure. anyone interested???

  • http://www.box.net/shared/aabz5ppkpx

    EDIT: also, i tinkered around with the button object, all it does is pause the game and mess things up

    to further show what i mean, i made a small demonstration of how the game would kinda sorta be played, where as u can not get into a room u need to be in until u change form. download the cap and let me know what u think. no graphics, just boxes, but the concept is there

  • I'm sorry to discourage you, but team efforts are very difficult to organize and follow through with on an amateur level. You should attempt to make this game by yourself, it will be most beneficial to you. I'm not trying to be an ass, just letting you in on my experience with previous examples of team attempts which i've observed on this forum.

  • I like games that are about transformations!

    So I took a look at your cap.

    I completely changed over the events so it works now with buttons like I assume you wanted to.

    For the buttons I just used sprites on a non-scrolling layer with a PV that holds the name of the animal you will be transformed to when you click it. Then a function of the same name will be called. I don't know if you were aware of the function object yet, it's a very useful thingie!

    I put all the creatures (Man and Ferret) in one group called Animals, makes things easier. Also you didn't seem to be aware of the Invisible on start setting, which you can just tick for stuff like the player hitbox for example.

    Oh I also added the Mouse/Keyboard object which you need for many things. In case you didn't notice yet, you need to add this one manually.

    Well just take a look. I hope this will help you out a bit.

    EDIT: I almost forgot: download changed cap

  • that function object is very confusing, will have to read the wiki i guess to understand just how it works, and as an update i had already implemented the keyboard/mouse object as well as an effective way to transform, using sprites and mouseclicks as a means for an "artificial" button. as well as picking up an object representing the animals respectic "token" to make the buttons visible and changing forms only possible when said button IS visible. and one of a ferrets abilities is to pick up small objects with its mouth i played with a pick-up ability for him using an overlap event combined with a "is control down" event to make to where if he is overlapping a small platform or object,and the "grab" button is down, said object's possition is set to ferret's image point/mouth. although have not found a way to limit the overlap to JUST ferret's image point. i think a group effort on an ametuer level is a great way for people to learn. it provides experiences to mix among the masses and i am all for it <----personal opinion ONLY....and thanks for the cap, u showed me that u dont need 100 lines of events to do stuff

  • Okay, seems like you'll be making good progress on your game.

    Regarding the function object:

    Basically a function can be any event. But it will only be executed, if that function is called.

    So you can have an event like this:

    +On function "End"

    Close application

    then you can use any action to call the function and end the game. Of course it's a very bad example, since you could always just use a close action anywhere. But maybe you get the idea.

    You can also call functions after delays and make a function remember/forget picked objects, which can be very useful in certain situations as well.

    Anyway, good luck with this project. Keep us updated!

  • If you guys are still for this, I'm in.

  • http://www.box.net/shared/qtnmtevc9x

    this is the first level, layout 1 is the basic structure of the buttons. layout 2 is a preview of the first level, NOTE: dont mind the fact that on second layout u can turn into a ferret when u overlap the gray box, this will be corrected in future.

    level one u must destroy boss by making his fireballs(stupid pink boxes) hit the wall in front of him, the balls bounce back and hit him taking away from his health. and when he is destroyed, the really dark wall u see when the platform moves down will be destroyed and u will be able to get back on the moving platform(harder than hell itself) HINT: do it on the platforms upstroke

    once on the platform and it returns on the downstroke jump on the platform with the spikes on the side, WITHOUT HITTING SPIKES AS IT WILL KILL YOU, and go into the opening of that room. the one with the plasma. this will take u to a temple i havent made yet and that is where u will get the "token for the ferret powers. this is the first of 7, count them,,,7 EASY levels.. these levels will have obstacles that only require the use of one or 2 animal abilities to accomplish, there will be an additional 10 lvls after that that require brains to use proper combinations of animal abilities to get through, and each level requires the same difficulty of combinations to defeat said levels' bosses.

    ALSO take note of the small opening behind the boss, this is the doorway to the stories first progression or LVL2, doorway can only be reached while in ferret form, which requires u do all of what i said in the beginning. fun eh? let me know what u think

    EDIT: i tested layout 2 and it is possible to complete all the way through. graphics suck as i used basic scribble boxes for platforms etc. i need to add smaller easier monsters into the mix. and i will try to look for some placeholder art for the time being. im very siked about this project and for me it is my once in a lifetime idea, and i already cherish it dearly. people, expect great things from this, cuz u WILL see great things come of it

  • I've made my own version if it helps.

  • everything helps, when it builds toward a goal, although i would like help in terms of building upon the structures i have created already. viewing different versions of my idea was not my intentions when requesting help, but i appreciate your enthusiasm and will look forward to seeing your take on things

  • Ok, here's my so far design:

    http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=0be3 ... f6e8ebb871

    (It's called Animalz)

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  • Do you have an MSN or something we can chat on?

  • i have yahoo im, its

  • oh, ok.

    My yahoo is

  • is that your messenger account or just email?

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