Ennemy AI and 8direction configuration

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  • Hi guys. I'm develloping a kind of 2D Hack & Slash and I would like some help about two points:

    I would put some kind of AI to my ennemies, more importantly they would go for the player when he enters some kind of "Aggro zone" and shoot some projectiles at him, but I don't know how to make that "Aggro" system

    Also I would like to set the keys for the 8direction behaviour, wasd keys instead of the direction arrows, it would fit better, but I did not found how to do that.

    Thanks for any help !

  • If you have a specific object for the background to be considered the "aggro zone" all you have to do is use RTS movement on the baddies and have them move towards player if he overlaps that specific object. If you don't have a specific object for the background just make a small white tiledbg and set the opacity to 0. Shooting is just spawning a sprite with the bullet behaviour.

    An the wasd thing has to be set under properties which can be found by clicking outside of the layout.

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  • Ok thanks a lot, I'm going to try that !

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