Enemy AI using LOS/RTS Vs multiple player sprites

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  • Despite working on my game for freaking ages now I never noticed this oddity until a couple of days ago. It seems my little bad guys have a vendetta against one of my soldiers to the exclusion of everything else, including their own safety. While I appreciate their dedication I feel that a little focus might be in order.

    The situation is this:

    I have a simple enemy AI set up using LOS and RTS behaviors. The AI is

    Enemy Has LOS to Player

    System: Repeat For each Enemy

    Enemy Move to Player

    (I suspect that my problem stems from this being TOO simple but I can't figure out what I need to add to fix this)

    This works perfectly with one player but when I have two player sprites there are two scenarios:

    If both player sprites are moving around then the enemy AI works exactly as I would expect, they all move towards the player sprite when it enters their LOS.

    If one sprite is selected and moves into the enemy LOS then one or two of the enemy will move towards the first player sprite that was created on the layout.

    I have a .cap at http://www.schwoom.com/Engine/RTS.cap

    (Drag-select to pick the units you want to use, space to remove your selection. The soldier at the top is the first one that was created)

    Edit - I'm using 99.62 and 99.82

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