Endless Falling.

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  • I'm trying to do an endless fall for a certain amount of time.

    + System: Is global variable 'FallCount' Less than 5

    + plaMask: Y Greater or equal 512

    -> plaMask: Set Y to plaMask.Y-256

    -> Sprite3: Set Y to Sprite3.Y-256

    -> System: Add 1 to global variable 'FallCount'

    That's what I got. It works, and seem seamless, but after a while, you'll notice the object is flashing and eventually you'll notice it completely.

    Here's an exe so you can see what I'm talking about.


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  • I did an endless running part in the previous version of my game. I let the character stay in the middle of the screen and just moved the background from right to left.

    I cut the background in 5 objects and when the background object was in the layout, I spawned one of the 5 objects on the right side of the layout. That way the background never ended.

    As an addition I let the system randomly select one of the 5 objects, so the background wasn't the same all the time. And when the background was at a certain point on the left side of the layout, I deleted it. (To save memory)

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