Embedded minigame?

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  • Hey everyone!

    I have created a minigame as an easter egg for my main game. I created it as a separate program in construct, and now i am wondering how to bring it into the main game so that when the player gets to the easter egg spot the minigame will launch.

    Any ideas?

  • why didnt you make in a new layout instead of a new project, im not sure if theres a way/plugin to launch another application through a construct application.

  • Recreate it on another layout within the main game and use the Layout object, I'd say.

  • Do not try to copy from one .cap to another, btw. That can seriously mess .caps up. As Mipey said, recreate it.

    Oh, and avoid the layout object if possible - it's quite buggy.

  • Well I actually made the minigame first, then as an afterthought wanted to add it to the game. I am planning a few other little hidden games like this, and I will make them all in new layout under the same application.

    Is there any easy way to copy/paste everything from one application to another? Can I copy/paste an entire layout?

    What is the "layout object" that you are talking about? I thought everything was built in a layout. Is it something different than the main design screen?

    Thanks everyone for responding!


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  • The layout object is a way to show another layout within the current layout... but its terribly bugged.

    Also you cant copy an entire layout, but you can copy and paste events.... so long as the corresponding objects exist.

  • Cool Thanks!

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