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  • Hi everyone,

    I did a small platformer a couple of weeks ago and after nights struggeling with this bug I decided to leave it for a while. Today I picked it up again but, after hours of work, still no result.

    Here's my problem: every layout seperately loads, but when I go from one layout to another, the entire platformer gets buggy. The player is gone (probably fell through the ground). This is the case on every machine it runs on, from very crappy to very good PCs.

    Is this a known bug? The game is going to be released in a museum so I really need to get this enormous bug out.

    I truly hope someone is able to help me and I would be very happy. I uploaded the .cap here:



  • Try un-checking "global" for GraphPlayer and PhysPlayer. Also uncheck "global" from the objects on the "Solid" layer: SolidSolid and PlatSolid. If you find any other objects with global checked, uncheck them.

    With global checked the objects are not destroyed when the layout changes. You don't need it since you already put an instance of the object in each layout.

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  • Very clever. I will try it out as soon as I find the time! I'll let you know if it worked. Thanks bro!

  • I think I'll have to say I love you. It finally works! Thank you so much!

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