Effects behaving oddly

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  • So a few of my effects are doing weird things. I have an Nvidia 8500 GT, drivers are up to date

    Windows XP

    I have everything in the Nvidia settings set to application controlled. The only thing that's different to default is my colour correction, which when changed back to default makes no difference anyway.

    Motion blur no longer works properly for me, here's what it look like:

    Before Motion Blur

    After Motion Blur

    Multiply also does some weird things, it's like it constantly pastes the image onto something, for the purposes of this example i just put multiply on the playfield layer.

    Also, are the effects with an equivalently named plus effect, eg: additive, additive plus, named correctly? The one's without plus have in the description that they have intensity, but they don't, and vice versa

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  • Hmm, looks like I broke motion blur... I'll try have it fixed for next build.

    Multiply can do that if the layer is using its own texture. You have to use Multiply Plus. There's nothing much that can be done about it - DirectX just doesn't like that effect in that situation. It's basically an invalid setup.

  • Thanks Ash you're a legend

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