How to edit a plugin?

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  • Hey,

    I am currently working on a project that is loading textures from a folder at runtime, and I'd like to load 32 frames into an animation using Unique Sprite.

    The problem is that Unique Sprite is not working with animations ;/

    (i'm loading frames that way

    class Utils:
        def load_frames(self, object, frames, location):
            i = 0
            while i < frames:
                object.LoadFrameFromFile(System.AppPath + "/data/textures/" + location + "/image " + str(i) + ".png")
                i += 1
    I looked for the source code on sourceforge but I have not found it  Is it possible to decompile .csx files?
    And even if I could do a such thing, how do I recompile the source into csx (non-runtime & runtime) files?
    Thanks in advance for any answer
  • Thats a third party plug.

    Made by Lucid I think.

    You will need the source from him.

    Good luck.

    You'll need it.

  • He said on his thread he had not the source anymore but roj0hound managed to fix it without getting the source from lucid, that's why I'm asking :3

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  • Decompilers that produce source to recompile the original file don't really exist.

    I used a hex editor to change some text in the csx file. So basically I just tweaked some data in it. Anything more like changing the logic isn't really feasible, even for small things. Basically it would require using assembly language to deal with the lowest level stuff. A big change like like making it work with animations isn't possible. You'd be better off making another plugin I suppose.

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