Edit box object: moving and resizing at runtime?

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  • Can an Edit Box be moved or resized at runtime?

    I had planned to make an edit box part of a user drag-able panel, but I can't find a means of changing its size or position at runtime.

    One method I tried was to place the edit box in a second layout (layout 2), and then use the layout object in the first layout (layout 1). The result is that the edit box appears on layout 1 at the same coordinates that it was placed on layout 2, irrespective of the size or position of the layout object on layer 1.

  • Some of the controls need this adding to them still, it'll be done soon.

  • the fontsprite plugin has a full-featured editbox.

    ill post some tuts soon, but if you end up trying it

    just download the rar with the plugin

    and try the "hello world" example

    and the "start edit box" action

    there is a long list of options in there

    feel free to ask questions

    if not...what rich said

  • Sounds good.

    I just checked and I don't seem to have any object called fontsprite. I expect it can be found on the forums with a little searching.

    With respect to plugins in general, is there any single repository of downloadable objects, similar to the sites that index extensions for Multimedia Fusion? Alternatively is there any place, or set of places, that you would recommend looking to find such add-on objects.

    I know there is a section on the forum for plugins, but I am curious if there is any organized list or forum post that provide a simple way to see what plugins are out there.

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  • http://www.scirra.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4078&start=0there's the link to fontsprite

    under uploads, there is a "completed add-ons" forum to get third party completed add-ons. the fontsprite is fairly complex, so i'd like to retain it's unfinished status for a while, and add any features peopl request and correct any bugs, so as of now, it's not officially a "completed add-on". however, it is mostly complete, and im just adding requested features, and fixing small bugs.

  • Thanks Lucid, that's exactly what I was looking for. I can't believe I missed the completed add-ons section the first time I looked through that area. Sorry about that.

    At any rate thanks for the replies Rich and Lucid, and keep up the good work on your respective projects.

    Take care.

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