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  • I'm using an edit box as part of an inventory function tht takes input from a player. Space bar is used to open and close the inventory. If I set focus on the edit box it works great. However, if i later set focus off (using the action) or disable (again with an action) the edit box, although those functions work, spacebar no longer opens or closes the inventory. It is clear that the edit box is still intercepting the keypresses because if i set it to read only or don't disable / defocus it spacebar will work correctly). Any way to get around this?

  • Another issue relating to the edit box is the system 'ding' sound it makes when hitting enter after inputting a value. Any way to turn that off? Any alternatives to using edit boxes for users to input inventory-related numbers (e.g. such as inputting a number for how many items from a stack of 30 items to pick up and place in a 'quick use' slot) ?

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  • As an alternate to the editbox you can input numbers with the mouse&keyboard plugin.

    Here an example to give you some ideas. It shows two methods that do the same thing.


    made in 0.99.96

  • Hmm that seems like it could work. It has a downside of lacking a blinking cursor, any way to implement that? If not something easy to do, i couldalternatively put a border around to highlight it when in 'focus'.


  • A blinking cursor is pretty easy. Here's an older example that I had kicking around:


  • I've had similar problem with cursor when doing my program. Here's the link:

    Silent Cacophony and R0J0hound helped me a lot, so if you use it you should give them the credit

  • Brilliantly simple solution R0J0hound, thanks! Since this is in an invetory which sets timescale to 0 I'll need to be a bit careful about my specific implementation but this idea will work (or is timer unaffected by timescale? cant test now since I'm at work)

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