Any easy way to make objects "stick" to eachother?

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  • Hi,

    I'm doing a draggable options box that you can call up in my game. I'm wondering, will i have to do an "always set options text to Optionsbox.X+43" etc. for all the objects i want to stick to the objects box when its being dragged. Or is there some clever simple way?

    The problem with doing it in code is also that it takes a while to get the objects at the right position. I don't really mind doing it this way, but i thought i'd check if there was a better way.

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  • Action points? or whatever they are called. Just make a bunch, name them and tell the object to always position to its action point on the menu. Although you could make the menu static and have hitboxes for the buttons that are positioned instead so that when dragged the buttons dont jitter.

  • families?

    if each one needs to be offset at different amounts, can give a family variable (dunno if you can with text objects actually) and set each one's initial value to something different

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