Dynamic/Runtime-Chosen Sprites

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  • I'm slightly new to Construct, but I'm enjoying it a lot because it's relatively simple to mash up python with it. However, it's throwing some problems that would be easy to do all in-code and making them a bit more confusing. So:

    I want my player to choose a class when he starts. This means that when the game starts they'll have a different representation in sprite form. How is best to do this? Do I use an invisible box to represent the player object, and then tell a sprite to follow the box as it moves? That way the sprite could be set using variables I guess.

    Or is there an easier way that I'm missing? The game is networked, so the class chosen will be passed to the server who will also need to use that representation on their screen.

  • Maybe just have different animation names for each class? Then you just send the text of which class was chosen.

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  • Okay, that's a good idea. The animations are pretty simple anyway so it wouldn't be a huge thing.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Its a matter of preference,personally I thinkk your original invisible sprite method is simpler, or better yet, so you can make them all move different would be put all classes in a family, and use the family for all those shared events, and then if there are events unique to a class, use that specific sprite for the event

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