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  • Got a simple question:

    I have two doors, both are same sprites. When the char comes to the first door, it opens but not alone, the second door also opens. How can I make only one door open first and only then the second one? How can I make each object behave separately? Forward thanks.

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  • with picking.

    When a condition matches an object, the actions will apply only to the objects that fulfilled the condition.

    For example, if you have

    +on collision door with car

    • set value 'door_opening' to 1

    +compare global('door_opening') to 1

    • set door position to 0,0

    there is no relationship between the sprite that triggered the event to the action. But if instead you do something like

    +on collision door with car

    • set door position to 0,0

    only the door that collided with the car will be set to 0,0

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