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  • Okay, i have a question to ask

    Should I load my picture from the .bmp/.png file or load my picture from the .cap file.

  • That highly depends on what you want to achieve.

    If your project is not going to be gfx-heavy I highly suggest to store the graphics in the cap.

    If gfx-heavy and mostly sprites are used, I would store the images outside the cap and load them at runtime into the blank sprite images.

    Animating a sprite while constantly loading the pictures from harddisk is bad, though, so you have to load them at once at app-start /layout start or change.

    After all storing gfx externally leads to more flexibility, but you may stumble accross problems with e.g. image points coordinates in terms of setting them anew.

  • I should just load my pictures from files then. thx

    Edit: I have uniquesprite plugin and loaded my pictures from files and it was good but the thing is why does it uses so much vram then loading pictures from .cap.

  • blackstr sadly uniquesprite means just that, each image loaded should take up new VRAM. Probably best to load up one sprite with images (Load Frame action) to prevent using VRAM for the same textures.

  • so just say i have a sprite, for example, I load 100 animation frames with 100 images with a file? or .cap?

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  • It's not so much the number of frames, you can do it both through a file or cap. I'm saying that you should use the "Load Frame" action for a Sprite and TiledBG objects instead of UniqueSprite to save VRAM.

    Try looking at the source code to my game, it shows a few different ways to load graphics at runtime: I Had Hope

    I do use UniqueSprite in my project, for objects that do not animate, but otherwise for objects where I know the number of frames I use a sprite.

  • Does behavior lag the game more or remains the same?

  • blackstr when used correctly the behaviors should perform better or at least the same as events.

  • thanks Jayjay :D

  • blackstr anytime <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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