Distort Normal - NuovoFill issue

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  • I have an effects chain consisting of Distort Normal and NuovoFill.

    The issue appears only if NuovoFill is in Additive or Multiply mode - Raw Color is fine.

    When the NuovoFill color is not modified during runtime, it tints the underlying Distort Normal properly. However, if I change the tint color during runtime, the Distort effect gets shifted according to what particular color I choose.

    For example, if I set NuovoFill to Multiply red (255,0,0), the distortion will be proerly positioned and tinted. However, if I change the color during runtime, even to the same red, the distortion will shift to the left. If it's green, it will shift upwards. It's like the tinting gets multiplied over the original sprite texture, changing the normal map and in turn causing Distort to shift it. The effect is not cumulative, so if I do a color change to red again, it will not shift further.

    I hope this makes sense. Is there any way to rectify this behaviour? Thanks in advance.

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