Distort Map/Object Pairer (?) issue.

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  • I have a weird issue with using Distort Map that could be related to the Object Pairer.

    I have a family Family which is made up of two separate objects ObjA and ObjB. At the start of the layout, for each Family I spawn a third object ObjC and pair it to the Family, all in the same event.

    Later in the Event Sheet, I have a condition which picks the paired ObjC for each paired Family, compares a private variable in Family and based on the result either performs a Distort Map operation or deletes both the Family member and the paired ObjC.

    This all works fine when using Relative Distortion, but as soon as I switch to Absolute Distortion, it seems like the system forgets the pairing and deletes all the Family objects, regardless of the private variable check.

    I thought that the problem lies with pairing ObjC to a family instead of explicidly to an object, but I have a "For Each" condition, so the system should only pair to the currently iterated member of Family, right?

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  • Seems like there's always been issues with family values.

    Might I suggest a container instead?

    ObjB as a container of ObjA, and then ObjC paired to either should pick both.

    But that still wouldn't explain the issue with it working on relative and not on absolute, unless the comparison is flawed somehow.

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