distort map??!!

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  • how do i use it, i just have no idea, no idea of what i even have to ask?

  • i just started to play with it and it seems to be acting a little weird, when i tell it to set x and y displace to the mouse it moves in conjunction to the mouse but deosnt stretch to the point where the mouse is at, weird

    EDIT: why does it set the displace to the distance from the mouse to 0,0?

    it seems like it should set that origin to the center of the sprite

    nothin a lil maths cant fix

  • At first, you must set the distort map. It's rows number must be same than cols number, otherwise it doesn't work. The displacement points are indexed from 0 to the number of rows/columns. So when you distort a sprite, you usually want to loop it with nested for:

    System: 3 For "x" from 0 to 10
    System: 3 For "y" from 0 to 10[/code:3dlyxans]
    Use the LoopIndex in loop to set the displace point you want to distort. The x and y displaces mean the amount of pixels you want to move the point.
    Try to do something simple at first, for example, applying a constant value to x and y displaces and see the object changing it's position.
    The collision mask doesn't update with it, though :I
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  • thats fine, all i really need it for is to stretch a sprite (as if it were a polygon since i cant do this using the canvas ) so that it make my soft bodied example a single piece

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