Disapearing bullets

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  • Hey everyone! I am brand new to construct and came upon something during the first tutorial.

    So I created the player and the bullet, got the movement and shooting going all fine. Then when I add the tile background the bullets do not show up when I run the layout. I made sure to set the background to the back and everything. The bullets show up just fine in the layout editor and work as they should if I delete the background, but they seem to stay stuck behind the background when its there.

    I am sure its something simple that I just need to do so Ill keep looking, but if anyone knows whats up off the top of their head that would be cool.


  • Maybe you could upload the .cap file somewhere so we can take a look? If the objects really are being created and the Z order is the problem, you could try creating the bullets on a layer on top. Use the Layer Bar to add a new layer, and you can spawn the bullets on this layer. If they still don't show up when the layer is on top, it must be something else (they're not created, they're positioned wrong, they're set to invisible, the opacity is 0, etc). However, the tutorial should set everything up correctly for you

  • Well, after some fiddling I found out that having extraneous layers present was the problem. Not sure why they caused the bullets to be behind everything else, but removing them did the trick.

  • I guess that you accidentally put the tiled background on a layer above the layer the bullets were created on. This would mean the tiled background is covering up the bullets!

    Remember when you insert an object, it is inserted to the currently selected layer on the layer bar. You can accidentally put things on the wrong layer if you're not aware of that.

  • I thought everything was on the same layer, but it could have been. Either way, thanks for the prompt reply.

    2nd noob question:

    When adding the text box for player health in the tutorial is says to create it from the GAME category, but there is no text option there. I added the text from the other categories, but then the strings dont seem to convert the text to numbers. When the layout is run the text shows up exactly like it does when entering it I.E. "Health: " & round(Player('Health')) instead of Health: 100. Unless I am doing something else wrong, but I followed the directions exactly.

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  • Ah, nm, I was inputting the string in the wrong place.

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