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  • Hello all,

    I recently created a simple music player application, and used the application properties to change from "Application" mode to "DirectX Game" mode so that I could add a background and some particle effects to my music player. I left it in DirectX mode when I exported it to an EXE file and when I tried to run it on a different machine, an error said that DirectX must be installed on that machine. I can imagine that it would work just fine if I left it as Application Mode, but in doing so, I lose my background and particle effects. So, my question is, is there any way to successfully implement things such as particle effects and other DirectX objects into an application, or at least a way to run the DirectX game on another computer without having to have the whole DirectX installed on the computer? I would really appreciate help on this, and it may even put me in a good enough mood to upload the program so far so that y'all can use it! Thanks! =)

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  • Sorry, you can't. End-users must install the Direct X components to run the .exe file. Including the DXwebsetup file with your game is probably the best way to go about distribution.

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