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  • Hi everyone. I have one idea for a nice gamplay, but i have some troubles with it. So, we have an object "Canvas" with a mask. This is what we need to dig Also we have a car with, hmm flametrower, that draw on canvas black colour and, certainly, we destroy some enviroment. But canvas change only in area that was seen on screen on start of app, and if we change our position, will see that we cant go through

    <img src="http://clip2net.com/clip/m0/1308074392-clip-31kb.jpg">

    Arrows shows what we couldnt see on start. Any ideas why this happens?

  • From what I understand Canvas can only paste from the screen.

    You can either add the image to the canvas in the image editor, or scale the Canvas down, then up with a smaller mask, but you loose image quality that way.

    I should note that using huge sizes for canvas is not advised, as it takes up huge amounts of vram.

  • But i need canvas on whole level, because canavas = level. Is it real?

    Anyway, thaks for advices.

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  • Last time I tried a similar thing with a 1024x768 canvas, it was SLOW! I recommend what newt suggested... scale the canvas down and up with a smaller mask. If it's fast action (and fun) then people aren't going to notice / care.

  • Scale the canvas down and up right in process? and i have mask right on canvas... It seems i do something wrong?)

  • For that to work you have to scale the mask down as well.

    The events for it would be like:

    With both the canvas, and the mask scaled down in the editor...

    ->start of layout paste mask into canvas

    -->destroy mask

    -->scale canvas to desired size

    -->canvas update collision mask

  • And after that we clear all the level with single shot ^_^

    Maybe i do something wrong? Here is cap file


  • That's not a public download link. Only the logged in account holder can access that link

  • Fixed! Sorry =)

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