differences in coliision types.

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  • Hi guys. Just a few general queries about some collision types.

    1. whats the difference between per pixel collision and a collision mask? I ask because both seem to be bitmap based, so is there anything to lose or gain?

    2. I noticed that my bullets disappeared too early due to bounding boxes making my object destroy the moment the edge touches the enemies, using POINT collision I got a better visual effect where the bullets destroyed overlapping the enemy halfway - is there any potential issues of point collistions not working or failing?

    Thanks as always, just want to make sure I am not setting myself up for problems later.

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  • Hi work3, I'll try to explain these:

    1. The per pixel collision relies on the "collision mask" to determine where to collide, so any non-invisible pixel in the collision mask is treated as the "solid" part of the sprite. The other type I think is Point, which collides at the single point of the hotspot of the sprite.

    2. Point still works as long as your bullets aren't "instant hit" or moving too fast, in which case you can use the step checks to see if an overlap would occur.

    Hope that helps

  • Thanks, that confirms my assumptions!!

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