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  • Hi guys!

    I've been prototyping my game for some time now, and the last feature I want to implement is a fine dialogue system. I used Rich's very simple design to load my strings into a Hash Table as a start, but I could go a bit further because there seems to be a problem with the Timeline object

    Rich's Dialogue method:


    I was trying to use this method along with a timeline object to create a time progressing (unskippable for the moment) talking.

    I wanted to use parameter 1 to indicate which character and expression - "npc1angry", for example - and parameter 2 to indicate the key at the hash table - the line NPC would say.

    However, if I try to use:

    Always --> DialogText: Set Text to HashTable(Timeline.Param(2))

    ...I get a "O" (zero) at output.

    * I tried to use "str()" on different parts of the that line, but nothing happened.

    On another test, I used:

    On period "period1" begin --> Set Text to HashTable(Timeline.Param(2))

    And I still got ZERO

    Do you think this is some kind of bug? What could be wrong here?

    BTW, using " HashTable("Line1") " returns the text perfectly, so this is probably something with the Timeline.

    Thanks for the help!

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  • Could you upload the .cap file please?

  • Hey Rich, thanks for replying.

    My website is currently down, so I had to use rapidshare for this 13kb file

    The file has some of my tests that I previously talked about separated into Key presses

    Edit** Hang on... I did some stupid stuff, I need to change the cap


    Here... the file's updated:


    I managed to get the dialogs running using "On Period Begin"... But this method is no good: Doing it like this, It would be better to type the whole sentences on the event sheet

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