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  • Hello there, I just started a new game and have some expirience using Construct and I want to make a "Developer Console" for my game so I can modify variables and other stuff while testing ingame.

    I want to be able to press a button on the keyboard and a box will pop up and I can input commands then press enter, the command activates and the box disappears. Ive gotten it to pop up and for commands to typed in and executed but when I press enter to close the box, the 8-direction movement for the player stops working. I can still shoot and aim but I cant walk around. Ive also tried using the Layout object and having the console be a whole different layout but I cant get that to work properly.

    If anyone has made a "Developer Console" before or might know of a way I could make one could you please enlighten me?

  • Okay Ive managed to get a box working that appears when I press F1, I can type a command, then pressing enter makes the box disappear, but when I type a command, the effect activates as soon as the command is typed into the box, I want to have to press enter after I type the command for it to activate.

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  • So are you making this in Construct or for Construct?

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