Deleting objects / layers

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  • This may be another bug I'm experiencing, but I figure I'll post here and see if I'm doing anything wrong.

    I can't seem to delete objects or layers from my project, or any project. I select the object, press del, nothing happens. I right click on it, select delete from the menu, nothing happens. Likewise with layers. Click layer, press delete, nothing. Press the garbage can icon, nothing.

    A cap wouldn't really be helpful, because this happens for me with every cap I have, including tutorial ones.

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  • Update: I uninstalled/reinstalled construct. Problem went away. Some glitch in the install somehow?

  • We changed the prompt for deleting layers/objects in the latest build, so it's possible an old value was being stored and you weren't getting prompted.

    Post if it happens again though.

  • It did! And I figured out what was happening!

    A dialogue box pops up asking if I -really- want to delete the object, along with a checkbox to "Don't ask this question again."

    If this checkbox is checked, and you select "No", you will NEVER BE ABLE TO DELETE AN OBJECT AGAIN. It requires an uninstall/reinstall to get rid of the problem.

  • Excellent, nice find. The UI lib we use has some issues we need to work out, then .

  • Wow! Nice catch.

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