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  • Hi. Back in your Animation Events, something like this should be about what you describe:

    + Player: is walking

    -> Anakin: Set animation to "Walking"

    -> Anakin: Set animation speed to 20

    + System: Else

    + Anakin: [negated] Anakin: Animation "Lightsaber" is playing

    -> Anakin: Set animation to "Idle"

    + Anakin: Animation "Lightsaber" finished

    -> Anakin: Set animation to "Idle" <---- added this entire event

    Note: These use Construct's "Copy as Text' right-click context menu function, in case you didn't know about that. '+' indicates conditions, grouped together until the '->' that indicates the actions for the event. Changes that I made in bold.

    It seems that in order to effectively use the Animation "Whatever" is playing condition, you must change the animation manually as I did in the new event. Even if it's set to play only once, it will be considered still playing until a different animation is set.

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  • Thanks a lot for helping me again. I tried the animations and it works properly now but theres one problem; When I test the game, the animations only work if I hold the 'Action' button. I want the animation to run when I 'press' the 'Action' key and will continue until it finishes.

    Appreciate your help.

    Well, I only made those two modifications to the file that you posted in the original post above. It played the animation once only after each key press. Perhaps you made another change in the meantime that messed it up. Here's the original .cap with those modifications, but it's saved with Construct 0.99.9:

    The animation has to be set to not loop, which is as it was, and the action key check needs to check for key press instead of key down, which is also as it was. I'm not sure what else might interfere.

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