360 Degree Movement on Platforms

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  • Hey, yeah, i'm new, so excellent piece of software you guys got here, it's very useful, thanks

    And you guys have made some really good stuff, too.

    Anywayyyy, basically, I was looking at tutorials and example files but I couldn't quite find what I need, and what i'm trying to do, i'm making a platform game, but alot of the platforms is loops and curves, and I can't quite seem to get a custom movement engine where the character can run from a flat surface onto a curved surface or a loop properly, whilst the character itself rotates freely with it, using the inbuilt platform engine the characters angle didnt change at all whilst running up a curved slope, I need the movement to be completely fluid & glitch-free to not hinder the gameplay at all.

    Any ideas guys? It would be much appreciated, thanks

    Also, sorry if I missed any tutorials that help with this kind of thing, i've been looking for a while.

  • You might want to get in touch with Candescence. He's been working on and off on a Sonic engine for a while now, and probably has more practical knowledge of that sort of stuff than anyone else around here.

    His profile:

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  • Thanks, i'll send him a PM

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