Deadeye's platform combined with UberLou's level changing

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  • Hey guys. Im tring to make a Metroid type game, mixing Deadeye's Platform engine and UberLou's Spawning points engine, and cant seem to keep my character consistent throughout!

    If uve downloaded UberLous Spawning system, ull get a better idea.

    The menu part works fine, its just until it switches to the next level is when it gets screwed up. The "Charlie" sprite wont spawn with the "player". The player is there and i can move, it just doesnt have "Charlies" animations over it. PLEASE HELP. Ive spent HOURS upon HOURS trying to figure this out. PLEASE guys.

  • If you post a cap, someone can look at it and help you out.

  • Thanks for the info Lou. Im still new to all this. Ive used Gamemaker and the Rpg Makers before but I literally just found Consruct a week ago while looking for IG Maker. Heres the Cap.

  • No problem. Heres a fixed cap.

    Heres what i changed:

    -Put the player mask and the Charlie graphic in a container. You should search for containers on the wiki and read up on what they can do.

    -Made a "Player" event sheet to position the Charlie graphic on the player mask. It just makes it easier so you don't have to write the same events on every layout. Just include the event sheet.

    -Deleted the player mask and the Charlie graphic on Layout_1, since its being spawned by the create_player event sheet.

    Hope that helps

  • OMG Thank u soooo much man! Your effing awesome! I really cant thank u enough. Ill look into those container things too. Theres still ALOT i have to learn. I just have one small request tho. The only thing i need fixed is the animations for Charlie. He works perfect in the first level, but when i go to the next, his animations are always facing right. No more left jumps and running after the first room. Ill try my best to figure it out but i thought id just post on here incase u come up with something quicker than me. Again, thank u so much for the help and info. U rock

  • Again, no problem

    If you click on the mouse and keyboard object and check "global" your character should mirror correctly.

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  • Whats simp[le as pie for u is a world of hurt for me. Hehe, thanks soooooooo much man. I really appreciate it. I checked ur site, ur shits really good too. Im counting the days down until i can try out your BUG game. Looks really cool. Im an artist as well but u can really draw good. Keep it up, im looking foward to seeing more

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