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  • It seems that negative value (-5 for example) or float value (0.3 for example) will make strange things...

    Well, the example is geared towards whole numbers, which is what you would normally want (and I guess you don't want it to actually have 0.6 or negative damage displayed).

    This means you need to clamp the result of your calculation so it can't go below 0 and also round it in order to get whole numbers. Or floor/ceil it, depending on how you want it to behave. Check out the math expressions in the wiki.

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  • Floor, Ceil, and I think you can use int, which will convert and float value to a integer.

  • Thanks to both of you

  • Don't mean to raise the topic again. But, I have a question. I don't if anyone here has played disgaea. In disgaea, damage over 99,999 is display in 3 digits, with a K at the end of the number.

    K=1000. 123,145 / 1000 = 123k. Like that. Over 100millionm is displayed by a "M". 100M = 100,000,000. So basically, I want to do something like that.

  • [quote:2ll78eyg]Left(string, N)

    Returns a string with the left N characters of string, eg. Left("Hello", 2) gives "He"

    That with a few subevents should work.

    -if damage is greater than 1000 set text to left(variable "damage",3)&" k"

    --if damage is greater than 1000000 set text to left(variable "damage",9)&" m"

  • Would that only worked with text-base numbers instead of sprite-based ones?

  • The text object is pretty good about doing the conversion, but you can always use str(), or int(), if need be.

  • What using sprite-based ones? Like in the example in this thread.

  • That would be the variable, like:

    If round(((Hero.Value('Power')*1.2)-Enemy.Value('Resist')+random(15))*global('Factor'))+1 is greater than 1000000

    Set your sprites to

    left(str(round(((Hero.Value('Power')*1.2)-Enemy.Value('Resist')+random(15))*global('Factor'))+1),9))&" M"

    Or what ever your using for m.

  • Must be doing something wrong.

    I'm not understanding much. I'm not using text in any fashion.

    Look in stats for the damage stuff.

    Baddies and Bosses for the damage dealing


  • Sorry I cant seem to open your cap. Its pretty odd It says the cap uses "Colored Outline. Fx", and cant be located, but I clearly have the fx, and it's working for me.

    I guess either you version is different, or mine is corrupt somehow.

    Either way I mean use the value you use to set the frames. Strings are usually converted.

    I was just using the text object as an example.

  • Oh, I just renamed "Colour" to "Color". You must have the one with the original name.


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