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  • have made a pretty simple top-down movement engine. I am kinda new and I thought using the built in behaviors was kinda boring and didn't let me program much so I made this. But I am having some problems with rotations and angles. I succeded with making the character turn smooth as he walks different angles but...I don't speak english so I don't know how to say this but when you hold up and right at the same time He walks up to the corner. What I want is for him to turn that angle when he moves that way.

    I am sure there are som pros out there who thinks its easy peasy.

    My Project

  • Hey Tabe, I am far from a "pro" but I made a few small adjusts to your .cap

    What I did was set events for if the Left or Right arrow keys are down, and then sub-events for if the Down or Up arrows are down. Then, I used the 'Set Angle' event, to control the angle determined by what combination of directions the player was pressing...

    Is this what you wanted??

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  • Yaay, thank you so much.

    Here, take this cookie *Hands over cookie*, you deserve it. :)

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