Custom Movement - sticking to the ground

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  • Right, so I'm making a Sonic engine using the Custom Movement Behavior. It's mostly going swimmingly, except for a couple of problems involving gravity manipulation which I'll eventually get right via tweaking, but still. And an animation problem. Gah, I'll just get right to the point.

    Here's the cap.

    Right, so, try and go up the slope, and don't stop. Notice how you get a slight airtime as soon as you hit the corner up the top? I don't want him doing that. I want him to stick to the floor, and only let him go flying when there's no ground underfoot, eg. a ramp that's delibarately supposed to launch him into the air, or off a cliff. It'll also help with keeping him on the floor when he's, say, running up a wall or on the ceiling.

    However, since I really don't have much experience with the Custom Movement, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to achieve this. Any ideas?

    Edit: Alright, lemme clarify what I want the player to do:

    Look, say, to the player's right, we have a 45 degree slope going upwards. At the top of the slope, there's a non-sloped floor levelling out going off to the right. What I want Sonic to do, is, when he hits the corner between the slope and the non-sloped floor, is to just keep walking. As it is now, he goes flying off like it's a ramp, and I don't want that. That's my problem in a nutshell.

  • unable to open the file..

    what version did you used to make this?

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  • Ah, 0.99.84, pretty much. I should've mentioned that.

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