Custom Gravity *solved*

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  • Hey guys,

    I recently got into some trouble with my game when using the Platform Behavior. This was easily solved by using Custom Movement. I have already finished the basic controls and animations. The only problem is I'm having trouble making the custom jumping and gravity. I hope someone can solve this problem ASAP because I need to get the main controls done quick. Has anyone got into this problem before? If so, hopefully you can help me fix it.


  • Hard to say what you're looking for, because it's a bit of a broad topic. I made a quick mock-up that might help you out. It literally does nothing but allow you to jump up and down on a platform, so hopefully you can adapt it in a useful way.

    Gravity can be adjusted up and down via the mouse wheel, purely for demonstration purposes. Jumping is "custom" in the sense that you can set a variable to whatever you like, although I made a couple of quick comments in the script on how to achieve something like double-jumping if that's your inclination.

    Probably also helps to mention that I set jumping to the spacebar, as is my personal preference.

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  • Thanks problem fixed.

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