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  • Ok, so I've got a Custom Screen Resolution System working, but I can't seem to find a way to reposition the application window itself. I want to set it to the system display's top left corner, and I have no idea how to do that...

  • If you haven't done already, add the 'window' object to your project and use the various position actions of it (Set X, Set Y, Set position).

    If you need to know the screen's size or color depth, add the 'sysinfo' object also. It has expression to access those informations.

  • wow am I dumb... gee Brent, don't insert the "window" object or anything... I really need to start firing up my brain before I post a question lol, although hopefully that fact I post my solutions helps to make up for it lol

  • thanks Tul, I saw the window object pretty much right as I saw your post lol

  • Hihi, I know what you mean, I felt exactly the same just a few hours ago. But doesn't that make a good team? Helping each other, no matter what. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Absolutely it does, here's one for you... now how do I retro fit this into my pre-existing, mostly complete project in a simple and elegant manner lol, and while we're at it, how the heck can I pause everything onscreen while still being able to use custom "every X milliseconds" timers (ie without setting TimeScale to 0)??

  • As you've already mentioned, it's sometimes "hard to see the wood for the trees" :) Asking for help helps make a clearing, of sorts.


    Here's the project this is all for, if anyone is interested, I know it's not the 100% correct place to post the link, but everything I'm asking is for this game lol, plus its a lot further along now than this video shows, I'm hoping to get the two above mentioned features working and then make another vid

  • You mean, switching the resolution from within a pause menu? I'd add a global variable that gets set to 1 if the pause menu is triggered, and disable input on the behaviors (if you use any). The rest of your events should be sub-events of a condition that tests against the global (so that you have two code parts, 0=no pause, everything works as planned, 1=pause, only for the events needed to do the pause menu)

    EDIT: Damn, I hoped for a new video, saw that one before and was impressed...

  • well, see... I had started putting in a pause control variable that did just what you mentioned, but it began to get complicated with custom actions, like setting an enemies x speed to a set amount (so it bursts in a direction and then slows down over time based on the decel) but by pausing with the variable, I now have to create a pre-pause container for whatever that sprites x speed was, so that I can reset its x speed to that on unpause, and for 20 different enemies with different AI's that's REALLY daunting, so I was just curious for a potentially less headachy solution...

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  • Hmm, there is one that's easier... set timescale to 0 :D

    The MouseKeyboard object's 'on object clicked' etc. are still recognized and executed, so if you don't need time based movement in the pause menu, you could go with it.

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