Custom Control Woes

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  • I'm trying to put custom controls into my game after using a set bunch for such a long time.

    So I thought that'll be easy-- just make an interface to change them using the Custom Controls plugin which everyone still points to since it's the only way to do so.

    However, the controls don't seem to remap consistently. The built in controls for a behavior (ex. left and right for platform behavior) seem to work, but if you add an extra control like a Fire button or something, it plain doesn't work if you try to detect it. It'll only react to the originally set key.

    I made an example of this: ... Broken.cap (using Construct 0.99.91)

    Move around with the arrows. By pressing control, the orange box spawns a green box. Click on the text and press a key to remap the control for spawning the green boxes. You'll notice that no matter what you set, keyboard, mouse, or 360 controller, Control is still the only key that works.

    Am I missing something or is this an issue caused by the newer versions of Construct? I know this plugin hasn't been updated in a new months, but as the only way to get custom controls into a game it's concerning if it doesn't work. Hopefully I'm just making a silly mistake. (Also I hope it's okay to ask about third-party plugins here, but I didn't want to bump the thread for it)

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  • yeah, something in the one of the new versions broke it

    the custom controls work fully for controlling behaviors, but not for the On Control pressed conditions

    what's worse is I went to go check if I could just go update it really quick, and it seems my original files were lost in the backup process, so I can't change it.

    srry, unfortunately I don't have time anymore like I did before to make something like this

    on a side note, it doesn't fix the problem, but you're missing the Set Armed Control action

  • Okay, I see. I guess I'll just pass on the controls for now and hope that something comes up later.

    (Also, I thought the Set Armed Control action was only needed if you wanted to do something when a control was set-- for instance I would have a screen pop up confirming the change in my actual game)

  • nah, I'm sure there was a reason I did it that way, but it was through this condition that the control was set, if the condition wasn't there, it would never trigger the assignment of the new control

  • Well, I did have that event in the actual game I'm working on. And indeed, no difference.

    Anyway, I think this might actually get fixed, because I noticed that it even affects the built in Xbox 360 controller plugin. It won't react to anything but behavior-default controls either. I'm going to submit a bug report and hope that it gets looked at.

  • I hope so too, as I was planning on using this.

    Construct is designed superior in so many ways compared to MMF, but handling player controls is not one of them.

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