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  • Ok, so I have created an object at a image point using the system function. However, when I attempt to change the opacity of said created object at a later time, I have little luck. The flow basically goes as such:

    ObjectA overlaps objectB => create objectC at imagepoint 1 on ObjectA

    Mouse is over objectA=> set opacity of objectA

    Mouse is over objectC=> set opacity of objectC

    I have tried this both as it is written here, and with a for each object loop, with no luck in either setting. Any ideas?

  • It's a shame that containers can't be used for this. Anyways, basically what you want to do is to give Object C a value called "attached". When Object C is created, set the "attached" value to the UID of Object A. Then, to pick it when you mouse over Object A, do something like this:

    (Both of these are conditions in the same event)

    +Mouse is over Object A
    +Object C: Value 'attached' is equal to Object A.UID
         -Object A: Set Opacity to X
         -Object C: Set Opacity to X
    I hope I explained that clearly enough.
  • Sweet. Thanks much!

  • Aren't they removing the UID in future release? As an alternative there is the Pairer Object, which should work for situations like that... or so I am informed. When you create object C, pair it to the object A and pronto.

  • Yeah pairer should be used for that situation...except i found a bug in it...once the bug is fixed I will release an example...but first I must finish watching Chobits

  • We won't remove UID, but its use should be limited once the Pairer object is fully up and running.

  • ...but first I must finish watching Chobits

    Chobits was good but Love Hina was better.

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  • ...but first I must finish watching Chobits

    Animes? Ugh, David...

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