How to create Pixel Sprites ?

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  • I want to know how to create Pixel Sprites for Construct like "Boot Wizard", "Mario", because i want to make 8bit game (retro). Please Help.

  • Doesn't seem like a very specific question.

    Most graphics tools can be used to create pixelart. One that is particularly suited for the task would be Graphics Gale. But you can just fire up MSPaint and go for it. Although I would suggest a tool that supports layers at least.

    If you actually need a tutorial on how to draw pixelart, this is not really the place to request that. Google will be your friend though. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    In case this reply doesn't cover what you actually wanted to know, go ahead and clarify.

  • Ok thanks. Helped :D

  • If you are using Photoshop use pencil tool, or turn off antialiasing if you are using another software. Limit yourself to an specific and limited color palette.

    I have found this tutorial after a quick google search:

    And I recommend you this community too:

    It is s a great site to see and learn from many pixel artists around the world

  • Hi there! I did all the graphics of Boot Wizard with Graphics Gale, i think that for small pixel art it is the best one, and its free.

    I'm also a lover of 8 bit graphics, and i use the same color palette of the NES for my graphics, you can easily find it on Google.

    Some basic recommendations to do such kind of graphics on Construct, is to set the texture filter to point, and the text to aliased, using spritefont might be better though. Also, when working on movement inside the game itself, you should have separate objets for most moving objects, a detector and a sprite containing the graphics with animations, and you just set the sprite position to the same position of the detector, but rounded to a integer, this way you get the pixel perfect movement.

    Hope i've helped! Looking foward to see some retro stuff from you!

  • Even though the tutorial Aritz mentioned advises that you shouldn't use MS Paint, I think it's great for beginners. I mostly use it along with Paint.NET.

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  • A great many professional pixel artists (including myself)use Pro-motion by

  • link not working

  • fixed. thanks


    Seems more appropriated.

    Not a free tool though.

    I guess that for getting initiated, Gale Graphics will do.

    Once the user knows a little bit more about what he's doing and how to do it, then he could look forward for such a professional tool.

    Nevertheless I wouldn't advise it to a fully beginner. (as you may not know if he'll stick to pixel art or not, so it isn't really useful to throw such money in a tool that may end up sitting on your computer, unexploited)

  • Here are some really good Pixel tutorials from

    (Click on the Image to enlarge, may take a while)



    Color Palette

    Ready Sprites:

    Isometric Building

    Pixel Tree


    Seamless Floor Tiles

    Have a look at

    There you can submit your work and ask for constructive Feedback. Also good to find References ;)

    BTW what kind of Sprites (Game) are you looking for to make? <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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