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  • is it possible to create something like behaviors from within construct. I just recreated the platform behavior using the physics behaviors and private variables because I needed to use some of those features. I didn't need any external C++, just simple construct features. it would be useful to be able to apply this new set of conditions and private variables to new objects not only within this game, but in other games, and with the nice interface that behaviors have. is there something like that, with or without the nice properties window, if so, how is it done (or what is the feature called so I can look it up?).

    Also, levels, is there an example somewhere where there's something with multiple levels. I'm not quite sure how it would work. being able to load a new layout, and reuse the old objects. once again, if there's a feature that does this I can find in the wiki, the name of the feature would be just as helpful as an explanation

    thanks guys

  • There's no way to create event defined behaviors or plugins, it would be very complex to implement and certainly would have to wait till after 1.0.

    As for multiple levels, right click a layout on the project bar and Clone it. It copies the same object types, and if you're using event sheet includes, you don't have to repeat any events.

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  • thanks ash

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