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  • im a little discouraged by the many crashes ive got lately, seems to be no logic to it,

    like i made a simple counting var, works, linked to counter to background displace, it crashes,

    deactivate the displace event, still crashes, hu?

    when i try the debug , i got some of that "no sprite" messages, disabled some of them not all, my simple counter start working again,

    i tried preventing those messages by doing a count first if something exist, but doesn't work always, it still crashes untill you disable that event, (and worked before)

    also alot of the crashing bugs can simply be avoid by going tru the debug, and then it works

    loving construct but this is really a downer, when you just wanna make some progress doing basic stuff, but spending time on debugging something that most likely is some strange behaviour,

    some of you have same experience? how do you avoid events that works on objects that dont exist yet, maybe there is the problem.

  • Is there an "If object exists" command? If so you could use an else to do your functionality only if the object has been instantiated. You could also check and set a global and do the same thing.

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  • Which build are you using?

    Have you submitted these bugs to the tracker? It's impossible to do anything about them if you don't. Also, it's odd that you suggest running in debug prevents crashes - the actual runtimes are nearly identical for the debug and normal preview, just the debugger has an inspector window bolted on top.

  • using version 99.6

    about the debugger, yes its odd, but thats what i get, it like when you go tru all the messages of the debugger it doesn't crash, but anyways i will post it on the tracker, hope you can find something

    now when i think of it, since the upgrade from 99.42 construct has more difficulties with, destroying last objects of a kind (in some cases) and giving more alerts when doing eventchecking on objects that dont exist yet.

  • system compare

    obj.count > 0[/code:3h6os6bs] before you run the events.
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