Crashes (Failed to load plugin)

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  • I included an e-mail in the Minitroid Demo's readme for people to send bug reports. Seems a lot of people are getting the exact same crash/error, but I have no idea what's causing it.

    Runtime error

    (X) Failed to load plugin

    C:\Users\blah\AppData\Local\Temp\capD141.tmp\11.csx (126)

    It's funny because I tested it on like 8 different computers and it was fine. The *only* thing I'm aware of that would cause a crash is removing the controlconfig.cfg file that the input system plugin uses. I asked a few people and they said they hadn't touched any of the files, and controlconfig.cfg was right there.

    People have reported the same error with the control config I made, which is a separate application. I also find that strange, as the config doesn't load controlconfig.cfg, it only writes data in it.

    I have a feeling the input system plugin itself is causing the crashes. If I recall correctly it's not finished, so.

    Anyway, what do you think?

    Also, for some reason the music isn't playing for a very small number of people. It's loaded externally, simple as:

    +Start Of Layout

    -Create Xaudio2

    +Global('Song') = "Song1"

    +Trigger Once

    -Play Music From File: Apppath & "Music\Song1.mp3"

    Any idea what that's about?

    Thanks for any help.

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  • [quote:25ddy1el]Runtime error

    (X) Failed to load plugin

    C:\Users\blah\AppData\Local\Temp\capD141.tmp\11.csx (126)

    In the runtime the plugins are put in a temporary directory and given a number for a name. "11.csx" is the XAudio plugin. The only reason it would fail to load is it can't find a dll file it depends on. Using Dependency Walker the only unusual dll that XAudio needs is "XAPOFX1_1.DLL" which is a file included with the directx update.

    Updating to the latest directx update should fix the crash.

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