Crashes with almost every new action or condition? [Solved]

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  • Has anyone else had their porject suddenly get crashes with almost every new action or condition? Doesn't seem to happen in every event sheet, but it's still a fatal error.

    I had the idea to switch the Windows runtime to Vista Service Pack 2 and it seems to work now, but I'd much rather not have it run that way because preview builds compile pretty slow in that runtime for some reason.

    I wanted to know if anyone else had a similar problem and solved it somehow. It seems to be limited to my stationary computer and not my laptop, but my stationary didn't do this a few days ago. Could I need to update some drivers or something?


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  • It could be your graphics card drivers. You might try updating. Then again I've heard of people having crashing problems after they update their drivers that have been resolved when rolling back to a previous version. Yeah, helpful I know. "Well it could be this, or the total opposite!"

    Anyway I saw you tweeted that you can't recreate the crash any more... it might have just been some other program that wasn't playing nice v<img src="">v. Hard to say. I guess just keep an eye on things in case it happens again.

  • It seems to have been related to Firefox's plugin container runtime leaking memory or something. I seem to have no problems after having disabled it being a seperate process.

    So I guess take note, Construct users? But I don't know if this points to an instability once a game made in Construct itself gets really large to such a point. I think people have made projects far more intensive than mine, though.

    Disregard, for now!

  • Cool, marking this one solved... at least for now

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