All is CRASHed everything ASHLEY AND CHRIS HELP ME <3

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  • I think you should make more threads... (don't.)

    I think you should probably send the .cap to ash.

  • Tibian.

    No one can really help you with this at the moment.

    The error R6025 is one of those general errors, created by Microsoft to give you a clue,

    but confuse you about possible solutions.

    Its to general to know where to start.

    This error can point to:

    Bill Gates having a bad hair day.

    Hard ware problems.

    (you video card could be to old to work at least nice with direct X 9)

    Bad programming in Construct.

    So it dont get along with every possible hardware/ possible windows combination found on the whole world. (in my eyes this is impossible anyway, so scrap the 'bad')

    3th party software sitting between the calls the program is making and the Hardware/Windows executing them. The bad actors in this are usually 3th party codecs.

    Spyware often can cause problems like this. Also viruses. They often redirect calls made to the system and hardware, to do there nasty thing, based on normal actions done by the user.

    It can be caused by security software being over active, killing processes and library's needed to run Construct properly.

    It can be caused by library's not been registered and not loading correctly.

    It can be caused by so many things, there is no point to start.

    Do i want construct to work with every video card, old or new, ever build ?

    God no, thats so impossible.

    Do i want construct to work with any Windows set up ever done on any computer ?

    Oh god no, thats so impossible.

    Sorry in advance for being hard and cruel ?

    If you think your system is clean and working well. U can try to bring up a cmd window.

    And execute the follow.

    sfc /scannow


    Will it work ? i dont know. You shall see.

    What videocard do you have anyway ? What windows to you run ?

  • What's your video hardware? If you have an old or onboard card with not much video memory (eg. < 64 MB) then there's a known bug where the picture editor crashes. Until this is fixed, the only thing you can do is try Construct on another computer, or try upgrading your video card to something newer.

  • I've had similar reports of issues with that same video card before - it's pretty old, and just doesn't have enough video memory. Some textures can't be paged out to system memory and have to physically exist in VRAM, and if these textures exceed 32mb on a 32mb video card, you run out. The picture editor doesn't have error checking for when VRAM runs out, so it crashes. I think I can reduce VRAM usage by the picture editor though, so I'll try and have something sorted by 1.0.

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  • It's still running out of VRAM on 64MB cards, because the picture editor is creating a number of temporary surfaces. I should be able to optimise this - you'll have to wait until a future build, or upgrade your video card, I'm afraid!

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