Crash with PlatformMov.csx?

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  • Hi all! First post...

    I searched quite a bit and haven't found a solution with the PaltformMov.csx crash I get when trying to run a game with Platform behavior assigned to an object...

    Am I missing something or maybe is it a well known event?

    Construct looks sooo awesome! Great effort, hope I'll do something cool with it.


  • You'll have to be more specific; posting a .cap file or a screen capture of your event sheet might help.

    Is the thing crashing just because it has a platform movement behavior added to it? If such is the case, that sounds like a bug, but with the latest release of Construct, that seems unlikely.

  • Not much to tell you without more info without, events, etc.

    There is a bug when the object gets stuck inside of a "solid" sometimes.

    Anyway if the bug is repeatable you should always make a report on the tracker.

    ".... all crashes are bugs"

  • Oh I see! I was sure this was well known since it's quite easily replicable;

    I create a solid box for ground then another one above (the character's collision box) on which I apply Platformer behavior, then I run, and I get this crash;

    A crash inside a plugin's non-event code has been intercepted! This

    may be a bug in the plugin, or a problem in Construct. The application

    has exited. Available details of the location of the problem are below

    (this may be approximate).

    Plugin: PlatformMov.csx

    Object name: Movement_0_1

    Instance: 1 (of 1)

    It tells me I have the latest version. I'm sure it's something dumb...

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  • Use a sprite instead of a box for the platform behavior, that should fix it.

  • Yep, that does it! Thank you very much.

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