Crash when changing layout

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  • Hi,

    i made some kind of custom transition in my project and it seems to work ok, but after some time the cap crashes for an unknown reason.

    I've made a stripped down version of my cap file with only the transition and it still crashes after a while. I don't think the problem comes from my custom transition anyway because it still crashes when i remove it. I even tried multiple ways of doing it (with fucntions, fade behaviour, changing layer opacity, changing a tiledbackground opacity, using groups, etc) and all crashed.

    Does it have something to do with construct having trouble handling the layout switches? In my original project sometimes Construct says something about an error in Event 0 (which obviously doesn't exist) on a layout that wasn't even loaded...Is it a bug in construct?

    Can someone help me with this? My project will require a lot of layout changes in a short period of time because it's a multimedia app, each layout being a "page" (like: intro, table of contents, videos, questionnaires...)

    The version attached here switches automatically between layouts so all you have to do is wait until it crashes.


    Thank you for any kind of help.

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  • Yeah, transitions cause crashes. Try to make your own transitions and avoid ones provided by Construct

  • Well, i know construct's transitions are buggy, actually i didn't even try them: i've read enough about them in the forums.

    That's why i said it was a custom transition, using my own events. And like i said, it crashes even when i don't use these events.

    I think the problem is somewhere else... at 1st i thought it was my app's events, because the debugger returned errors about object creation events... so i removed them and checked again, and got the bug somewhere else, just random stuff i think. Now i removed all code, and it still crashes.

    Just check the cap...


  • Uncheck "Enable Scripting" to eliminate the crash. The crash is from python not getting initialized and 700 objects getting created. This will be fixed in the next release.

  • mmm I think i've seen this answer before too. The problem is, i need python in my project, to display swf files...

  • Well, I enabled scripting in my cap, which... ALSO causes causes crashing between layouts, except different ones this time.

    Now that I think about it, this bug's been around for ages, hasn't it?

  • If you are using python you can remedy the problem by running a python script at the start of the first layout you run to initialize python. It can be simple as -Run Script "". Construct currently only initializes python when the first python script is run.

  • Thanks Rojo, it seems to work... You really are the light in my bulb

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