Crash Bug and LayerName Bug(?)

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  • First, I have a layer that I turn on and when I hit a button. (e.g. an abilities menu). This also creates a bunch of containers (4 object in each). Every time I open this menu I destroy the containers (via destroying one of the objects, which should destroy the whole thing right?) and recreate them, in case stuff has changed (got new abilitiy etc.)

    If i open and close it 10 times it crashes eveyr time predictably. I can provide a cap if the answer isn't something already known but I feel like it probably is.

    Second, LayerName makes everything lower case. Since layer names can be used in other contexts without being all lowr case (e.g. creating objects on a layer) this can be confusing and perhaps should be changed so that LayerName(LayerNumber) does not return the name of the layer in all lower case.

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  • So I found this reply in another one of the topics


    And that bug is because scripting is enabled, 700 objects created and no scripts being run.

    There are two ways to avoid that bug:

    1 If you aren't using python at all but uncheck "enable scripting"

    2 Just run a script every frame. It doesn't even have to do anything, a comment will work.

    I bet this is what's going on with my crash. Going to test it when I get home.

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