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  • any ideas on how to make a crafting system?

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  • at some point i will implement some sort of crafting in my game,

    the thing is it may depend on if you expect to do this without coding, it would depend very much on the structure of your game design and code.

    So this is actually one of those very short but very vast questions, my first steps towards a crafting system (basically you can brew potions) is going to be a simple walk to the "health potion brew thing" click here, potion appears in inventory, herbs deducted. This works with no context based menu systems or even drag drop inventory so should be possible to implement without coding I imagine...

  • that's another thing i'm curious about, an inventory system,

    i'd have to see how to make an inventory, and populate it then items you currently have, adding removing items to it, and how to save that too.

    mainly about craft, i wasnt wondering so much about the interface side of it, but i was scratching my head about the possible crafting formulas (mathematical formulas that is)

    like for example, i dont know exactly how pokemon are bred math-wise,

    but i know each have an id hash number, and a formula applied to it gives the new pokemon offspring.

    so i was thinking

    item A ID: ####

    item B ID: ####

    and apply a formula to A & B so that it always returns C

    and if the same formula is applied to A & C it'd always give out D for example

    but it'd have to work the other way around,

    that is A+B=C and B+A=C

    any ideas on that?

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  • crafting is usually preconcieved and is generally in "tree form" i always thought, so it's just a case of destroying items and creating new ones.

    Iron Ore + Coal = Iron etc

    i am not sure what you mean about pokemon, although I do imagine they may have added an element of chance? It is possible to come up with mysterious crafting formulae I guess that's quite a cool idea, i actually know nothing about pokemon if that's part of what

    I do like the idea of crafting system that's somehow more than the sum of it's parts, that can create unpredictable results, but yeah I think in most cases it's A+B=C just because it's predesigned with some added chance of faliure or sucess on some item tables.

  • well, you dont have to know much about pokemon for that example,

    probability there is, is in regards to stats, gender, and whether it happens or not.

    but given two pokemon, you will always get the same pokemon as an outcome, (but with varying stats, gender and such lesser details)

    but yeah, for Pokemon A + Pokemon B you pretty much always get Pokemon C

    as for an expanding number of recipes that's why an all encompassing math formula is good.

    but yeah, with a given math formular, and a little randomization included, you could have the same item always spawn but with differing classes or variations


    A + B = C1

    A + B = C2

    A + B = C3


    based on item numbers and doing the math on them,

    which is better than pre-encoding the game a A + B = C for EVERY item

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