Couple of questions (updated)

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  • Hey, I just started recently to use Construct Classic to start building the rough beginnings of a game I want to create.

    I've been managing to get most of my problems solved by searching the forums (you guys have an amazing community, so full of helpful people it blows my mind) and looking at tutorials (as I slowly learn how to use the system), but there are a few things that I can't seem to fix.

    Firstly, the health bar that I'm using is a code I found up on the forums. The odd thing is, copying it over to my game, the bar decreases at both ends when it goes down, rather than only on the right-hand side. Is there any way to fix that?

    Secondly, and this is a bit more complex, when my character stands in the zone surrounding the test monster, I'd like him to take damage over time, and for the monster to play a specific animation when he takes the damage. (to simulate a monster attack speed. if there's another, better way of doing this, I'd love to hear. that's just how i imagined implementing it.)

    Also, I'd like the 'hit' animation to play and stay active for a short amount of time when he takes the damage, right now it doesn't seem to want to be co-operating.

    Finally, for now, having a bit of trouble with a bit of code concerning overlap with other objects. Is it possible to find a way to use the 'overlaps on offset' for multiple families/objects? (say i want a different offset for different things), as it is, I can't seem to do that and have to merge any objects i want it to work with into one family.

    If anyone could give a bit of assistance, I'd be ever so grateful. Thanks!

  • 1) Place hotspot of 'healthbar' to left

    2) Well, there are a lot of way to do this. Try PV + Flash (or Hit animation if you'll get how to use it):

    Birry overlaps Bearattack:

    Every 10 sec:

    'BHealth' greater than 0:

    PV 'hit' equal 0:

    • Flash for 1000 msc
    • Set 'hit' to 1
    • 'Health' - 10

    And event to set 'hit' to 0 when flasing is finished

    On Flash Finished:

    -Set 'hit' to 0

    To use animation without tag, as far as I know, you have to not use tags on any animations at all. Set animations manualy via events

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  • 1) oh my goodness I should have thought of that. so simple! thank you!

    2)hm, I haven't tried using flash yet, as I wasn't sure what it does. I'll give that a try.

    for animations, I do have them all set manually in events. as far as I was aware, tags don't work in 8direction.

    Thank you!

    edit: worked like a charm. I also figured out how to get the hit animation to work (albeit with an overly convoluted process that's probably not necessary)

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