A couple of questions.

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  • First is very simple, how do I stop moving sprites from overlapping one another, this is top-down style, multiple zombie enemies chasing a human, I don't want the zombies to overlap one another.

    Second question is a little more involved. I am having problems with certain events happening instead of other ones. I used the else command to fix one problem I had like this but I have run into another that the else command won't seem to fix. I want the zombies to follow you until you get into a house then I want them to go to the nearest door or window. So far I have the chasing outside down but so far I've just tried to get them stop when you go in the house and I can't get it to work. I am doing this with the RTS movement behaviour on the zombies. I have a tiledbg for both the house floor and the grass outside. If you are overlapping the grass the zombies should follow you, if you are overlapping the floor they should go the doors and windows. Any tips? Thanks

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  • Hmm, RTS is pretty intensive for going around other moving objects, maybe add the Custom Movement behavior and add "Push out of object" actions.

    Second one might need the cap to understand. Can you delete all unrelated events if you'd like not to release the full cap?

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