Count objects matching a private variable

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  • Hi guys I'm having trouble with this.

    I have multiple instances of the same sprite in my layout, they have a private variable that is set by random at the start of layout, the variable is either 0 or 1.

    What I'm having a problem with is counting the number of the instances that have their private variable as 1 and setting a global variable to this number.

    I have tried to use "count object matching events" but it only counts them by instance name what is the syntax for adding a check for a private variable as well.

    Eg - 10 instances / 6 have the PV 1 / 4 have the PV 0

    - Set global variable to 6

    Or is there a better way of doing this.

    Also the private variable can change too, so the global variable has to keep up to date.

  • Can't you set the global variable to zero and then use "for each object" to increase the global variable by 1 each time it finds the private variable value your looking for?

    Unless you have several hundred instances, I don't see why this wouldn't work well enough.

    Just set it up as a function and call it when required.


  • I've tried that too. But the global variable will just keep increasing by 1. Even using "trigger once" doesn't help.


    Just had another try while typing this and stupid me had the "trigger once" in the wrong place. Working fine now.

    Thanks Krush

    • yourobject pv is equal to 1

    ----set global to countmatching

    You just have to have a condition that picks the object you want to count

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  • Thanks Lucid. Works great.

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