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  • Okay, I had previously posted a thread here where I got a corrupt .cap back in v0.91 that had to do with global variables in events. Now I have another corrupt .cap that behaves the same way (opens to 90% then crashes Construct), only instead of global variables I was working with private variables in events.

    This is what happened leading up to when the crash occured:

    I had an event that was set up like so,

    + Always
    	[li]Sprite: Set position to object spriteBody (image point 0)[/li]
    I added the private text variable "status" to the sprite, and set it's default value to "alive."
    I went to the event sheet I was working on to control the sprite and changed the "Always" by double-clicking it and backing up to select the sprite instead of the System object.  Then I changed the event condition to test the variable "status," like so:
    + Sprite: Value 'status' Equal to "alive"
    	[li]Sprite: Set position to object spriteBody (image point 0)[/li]
    After making the change, I started making a new event:
    + spriteBody overlaps spriteCollider
    I didn't finish the action in the event because I noticed that the change I made before didn't take.  Instead of showing "Sprite: Value 'status'" it said "Sprite: Value 2."  So I double-clicked the event and re-set it to "status," and it showed up normally.
    That's when I noticed that the icon for the sprite wasn't the sprite's icon, but the system icon instead.  I immediately saved a new version and quit Construct.  When I tried opening it again, it crashed.
    I think that the corruption came from changing the condition from a system trigger to a sprite trigger rather than just creating a new condition from scratch (hence the sprite icon changing to the System icon).
    And that's about as specific as I can get.  Here's the corrupt .cap:
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  • Hmm, NOT COOL....

    Maybe it's got something to do with events and actions...

    Ever tried to make an event wich plays a music file at start of layout? When you remove the condition, and leave the action to play the music, and run all layout, construct craches..... sometimes.

  • Fixed for 0.94, thanks for the report.

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