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  • A quick search on the issue only revealed people having problems copy/pasting within the same event sheet. My problem has to deal with copy/pasting them BETWEEN event sheets. Can't do it. All I want to do is organize what I've got into multiple sheets for includes.

    This is beside the fact that, while I can do it within the same event sheet via keyboard commands, the ribbon copy/paste buttons always remain grayed out. Perhaps this has something to do with it?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I can do it using ctrl-c and ctrl-v (haven't tried any other ways), but I've noticed that the event sheet you copy to cannot be blank. It must have an event, and you must click on that event (so it turns orange/yellow) before you press ctrl-v. I can't make ctrl-x work though.

  • Well, I'll be... You're right.

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  • Thank you! I was retyping everything and it led me crazy

    Edit: actually it seems that copy/paste works now...

  • There's also an irregular bug that sometimes make copying events/actions/conditions not work. Because of that, I generally select some text in an expression, copy that, which greys out paste when I select the events/actions/conditions, so I know when it's actually copied, because it un-greys paste.

  • I've found that if I select the relevant objects from one layout, and then copy with ctrl+C, I can paste with ctrl+V into a different layout.

    ONLY THEN it is possible to do the same on an event sheet: highlight , ctrl+C, and then ctrl+V into the other event sheet. Sometimes, you need to have atleast one event already in the sheet, or paste into a prexisting event and then pull them out. But from what I've found, the trick is copy and pasting the objects first.

  • I figured out that if you click the first event in an event sheet and then hold "shift" and click the last one that it will select all the events between the two and then you can ctrl+C (copy) and then ctrl+V (paste) into a new event sheet

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